Who We Are?

Rocky Mountain Chimney Sweep & Stove Co. LLC

We have over 32 years of experience in the Santa Fe, NM chimney sweeping industry and are Veteran and Professional Fire Fighter owned and operated. We have experience in troubleshooting problems with fireplaces, wood pellets, and gas stoves. I seek to please my customers by giving them the best service possible.

Since our work primarily comes to us by referral, knowledge, quality, and service play a significant role in handling all of our customers. 

We provide quality service at a fair price with unmatched qualification and experience for the following services:

There are many reasons why the fireplace will smoke. The most common situations are:
1) The damper is closed when lighting the fire.
2) The spark arrester is clogged and needs to be cleaned.
A lot of people will overfire the fireplace and cause a large blackening of the facing. If you have smoke coming into the home, it is wise to get your fireplace and chimney inspected to find out the problem, so the smoke doesn’t become a health hazard.

Rocky Mountain Chimney Sweep & Stove Co. LLC

Are you a Veteran, Firefighter or Law Enforcement? We offer discounts to you! Contact us today!

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