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Santa Fe, NM Chimney Inspections & Cleaning

Stove Sales & Installation of wood pellet and gas stoves along with professional chimney inspections & cleaning, chimney sweep services, and dryer vent cleaning.

Why should my chimney be inspected and cleaned?

Preventive maintenance is always more cost-effective than repairs that could have been avoided. Annual inspections are critical for chimneys used regularly, but even if used occasionally a chimney and fireplace should be routinely inspected and cleaned if necessary.

Inspection and cleaning results:

  1. Determine chimney integrity for all types of fuel.
  2. Catch problems early- before they cause expensive trouble.
  3. Reassures peace of mind.
  4. Saves money, hassles and potential lawsuits if the property is for sale or rent

If you have smoke coming into the home it is wise to get a fireplace and chimney inspection & cleaning to find out the problem so the smoke doesn’t become a health hazard.

I recommend to my customers after about 30-40 fires a chimney should be cleaned and inspected. It also depends on the size of the chimney. A lot of new fireplaces have smaller flues and get dirtier a lot quicker. If you like using your fireplace a lot during the burning season it would be wise for you to get the chimney cleaned twice a season.

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