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Chimney Cleaning Services

Rocky Mountain Chimney Sweep and Stove Co. specialize in chimney maintenance services that will regulate the performance of your chimney. Maintenance is crucial for the life of your chimney as well as preventing costly damage to your home. Poorly maintained chimneys create smoke, smells and accidental fires that could have been avoided by contacting a chimney expert. All of our clients rate us well and you can trust us to maintain a healthy chimney in your home.


Chimney Maintenance

We specialize in maintaining a healthy chimney that you can live worry free with. Knowing that your chimney is in great condition and will not cause any damage to your home is great for peace of mind. Why trust us? You can trust us because not only are we retired professional firemen but we have many years of experience in the chimney industry.

Contact the professionals at Rocky Mountain Chimney Sweep and Stove Co. for your next inspection or service at 505-438-7700.

Now Servicing: Santa Fe, Los Alamos, Paos, Eldorado,  & Las Vegas